Double happiness is coming! NEWGENE products while obtaining Belgium , Sweden self-test license

4 Yue 2 0 , 2 1 Ri, NEWGENE new crown antigen detection reagents were obtained Belgian Ministry of Health ( FAMHP ) approval and the Swedish Medical Products Agency ( S wedish Medical Products's Ag ency ) approval , can be used as a self-test at a local major pharmacies , supermarkets sell . This is Belgium and Sweden, two countries were first antigen emergency authorization issued to Chinese enterprises , is NEWGENE emergency authorization of two European countries following Denmark, the Czech Republic obtained again.

The NEWGENE new crown antigen detection kit (self-test version) will produce results as quickly as 15 minutes . The characteristics of high accuracy, portability, and easy operation of the test results are also widely favored by the public. Non-professionals can also easily operate without professional medical training. NEWGENE new crown antigen detection kit (self-test version) is suitable for families and individuals to conduct free detection of new crown virus. Compared with nucleic acids, it saves time and relieves the pressure on testing institutions such as hospitals.

Belgium and Sweden have a population of more than 10 million, and they are also one of the most severely affected areas in Europe. The approval of this emergency authorization will enable N EWGENE to better meet the needs of rapid detection of epidemic prevention and control in the two countries .

Figure 1. Screenshot of the Belgian self-test license

Figure 2. Screenshot of Swedish self-test license